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Alphabetic African Timeline (The Essential & Complete e-Guide to the African Countries, People, and Politics)

Launched at Landmark Event in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, January, 2020. ©Copyrights “Alphabetic African Timeline (K) – 1995-2020. 

The Africacomplete.org an affiliate website of  ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE: is an e-Civics education, entertainment and media production powered by its own proprietary digital culture and content hiring multi-platform for it’s dedicated and influential audience around the African continent as well as the globe.


“Let the hungry be fed, the naked be clothed, the sick be nourished, the destitute and the aged be protected, and the infants cared for.”

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About Us

“Alphabetic African Timeline: -The Essential & Complete e-Guide to the African countries, peoples and politics” version redefines Pre-Independence Historic Events, Africans’ Resistance to European Colonial Rules, Post Independence secessionist rebellions, post-colony Africa territorial claims, Military coups planned by junior army officers and NCOs against the governments, Popular revolutions and murderous uprisings, Crisis of sovereignty in the former Congo Leopoldville and the Biafran civil war in Nigeria worsened by series of interventions, Bloodless military coups, Assassination politics, Abdication, Border disputes, Peaceful power transitions, Combats between Armed Forces, Skirmishes, Conspiracy theory and Secret plans, Foulplays and Fallouts, Intrigues & Political scandals within power circle, Peace initiatives & Peace building efforts, Dialogues, Conflict resolves, Multilateral Foreign Diplomacy, Legitimate media reports, Indepth news analysis, Nile Hydro-politics, Geopolitics, Energy & Hydropower Grids, Human rights concern, Greener activities & Environmental protection, Socio-cultural issues, Weather, Human Resource Development, Economy, Demography, Views, Interviews, Opinion, Revelation, Obituary, Diaries analysis, Public speculation & Debates, Diaries updates, Research articles and Key notes, Press statements and releases, focal public headlines, strategic & complex issues in sequence, including Inbox country fact file written on each African nation state at it’s Alphabetic (ALGERIA ZIMBABWE) order, included by a subtitle, “Long March from OAU to AUIC”: the History, Structure, and Function of the one and only continental organ, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and its successor organ the African Union Interim Commission (AUC).

Mission Statement

Alphabetic African Timeline: is a Kenyan based e-Media edutain (educate/entertain) undertaking established by an Ethiopian national, with a further task to empower the African youth.

To address quality Edu e-Learning and e-Teaching Knowledge based content hiring at affordable content hiring prices, whilst side promoting excellence by creating customer and stakeholder values.

Alphabetic African timeline is desirous to provide historic & geographic information on African individual countries through competent academic & digital mass media edutainment to contribute immensely the African social, economic, and political development by adding access to trusted and acceptable information with professional & ethical commitments through active participation of the African civic groups and the development.

Hence, we invite all responsible Africans and friends of Africa to join us in the above endeavors by sharing thoughts in verbal advice and article contributing basis by joining our African empowerment forums et-al. Let us work together to continue the foundation laid by African founding fathers, and philosophers to build a more united, economically prosperous, and politically stronger Africa.

Here, diaries updates, timeline key notes & events, exchange of views among Africans and non-African friends of Africa in A to Z (ALGERIA – ZIMBABWE) format on matters that would have significant impact on the empowerment of the African continent. This would restore the African continent, one of the largest land masses and population in the globe, secure its rightful place as the cradle of human fossils and the hard fought tradition of a united Africa with a healthy culture of peaceful co-existence.


Alphabetic African Timeline: wishes to see a committed, professional, ethical digital press with farsighted vision to implement democratic governance with respect to human rights and free press in Africa.


To promote and empower the African continent through a responsible and committed digital edutainment platform.

Core Values

Alphabetic African Timeline: is a non-profit organ primarily focuses on educational research by empowering the African continent as a whole here in Norway or elsewhere around the globe together regardless of race, social status, occupation, political or religious beliefs. Alphabetic African Timeline represents values and concepts reflective of African culture and contributive to peace building initiatives and re-enforcement efforts. This also includes people who are interested in learning about and experiencing the vast diversity of the continent’s culture and traditions.

Our goal is to provide a diversity event here in Norway or elsewhere around the globe inspired roots African languages, culture, customs, habits and social life and thus contribute to the cultural life of the Africans as a whole.

Africans future be together due to large continent we share; therefore, it is imperative that we shape the next generation by becoming good citizens to each other, putting humanity before any other differences. This does not mean we give up our national identities, religious beliefs, political persuasions or regional concerns; these are critically important to individuals, communities and societies. Instead, it means caring about our friends, neighbors as we care about ourselves, making sure that the same basic human rights, freedom of expressions and opportunities are available everyone based on citizenship

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