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Here, CHIEF DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR addresses on the subject of: Afro e-Civics, Ethics, Self-governance, Edutainment, e-Commerce content hiring and innovative public service delivery transformation in general. 


What I really tell about “Africacomplete.org” at a new digital commerce world,

Esteemed web visitors, lots of thanks for your interest in visiting our public domain Africacomplete.org which’s an affiliate website of “Alphabetic African Timeline”. 

I am very grateful to all of you and your outpouring support once again. I thankfully acknowledge the technical support and material assistance by a large number of agencies, professionals and individuals in the preparation of this useful hypertext. 

According to historians, “when you study history, study the historian, when you study the historian, study the time in which that history is written”. In this work we have reflected on Afro socio-culture traditions, and the values of the Africans in urban areas as well as the countryside, followed with reliable information dealing with the continent’s socio-historic, socio-economic, and the Geo-political features in alphabetic A – Z (Algeria to Zimbabwe) order.                      

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of it’s citizens” -Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

Since I started gathering resources for such public diary in mid November 1993, it was with the purpose of publishing or compiling it in an ordinary handbook volume form, but I have gone now beyond that, and think it’s quite nice to make it at hypertext level for the international audience. 

Your Confidence and Hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called “failure”. It will make you a successful person.”

 As mentioned, “Alphabetic African Timeline”, is a jump-start hyper volume supported by large number of resident-African diplomats, head diplomatic missions, press attaches, political councilors et-al, most of whom were invariably contributed to its contents, by providing written handouts as well as oral orientation on the said topic. Readers of such “Alphabetic Africa In reasonable Depth – Take An Overview On The African Continent” may raise concerns perhaps why one country’s text is lengthy or too wordy while others are shorter. Take note, it’s not an easy task for an individual single handed person to collect the right information from the right source or the right person concerned getting them with better knowledge of their respective country or government in particular. For this reason, we have put all information as received from our sources, some of them are politically sensitive contents, and some are insensitive ones, some shorter, others longer, some indicated with date/month/ year, and some diaries indicated by only year. Of course, one must not forget that figures in this hyper version can be updated with the changing situations of Africa too. I therefore kindly request esteemed readers to look at situations into that context.

Secondly, one might accuse the Compiler/Editor of this website favoring his home country, which perhaps needs a polite response, truth be told here, one must not forget that, the general importance of Ethiopia, my beloved country in the African continent. As well known, Ethiopia is one of the 10 oldest nations in the world that has never been colonized by any imperial power except a brief period of occupation: the only African nation with its own Ge’ez Alphabets and numerics: the country that practiced Christianity before the Europeans it  accepted Islam before the Middle East: the first country that started with the tree-colors flag that everyone rocks without even knowing what does it means (Green, Yellow, Red) and the origin of Ras-Taffarianism: one of the few countries in the world that is mentioned both in The Holy Quoran & The Christian Bible.. over 50 times: a source country of The Blue Nile that’s fed by over 90 local tributaries, contributes the 86% of the water flow to the Greater  Nile River, the lifeline of Egyptians: the country that is the origin of the Coffee-Arabica that you missed not to drink: the first African nation state to win gold medal through its brave athletes like Abebe Bikila, Mamo Wolde, Derartu Tulu and Haile Gebreselassie et-al at the Olympics arena: the country with so much and diverse culture and spirituality that someone can’t even comprehend!

It’s true that Ethiopia pre-1950s, was the only and lonely African non-colonized nation, but not remains lonely these days, we have now nearly fifty five African independent nation states. Yes, thanks to the  gallant freedom-loving Africans, and non-African friends, times and circumstances have certainly changed. And now everything was falling right into place, as it has been taken me over 28 years on the making, it’s often a venture with a single person intended to cover the entire African continent of about 55 countries issued here to commemorate the independence of African nation states, from the centenary of the founding of the west African state of Liberia, the oldest republic in Africa backdated July, 1847 to the founding of the recent Republic of South Sudan stood in July, 2011 are integrated into an elaborately designed display system that invites sustained attention to such often overlooked media.                   

Black colour is sometimes sentimentally bad, but every blackboard at school premises makes the students’ life brighter.”

I therefore request an esteemed audience to look at situations into that context. Even if events are quite-frequently changeable, these are considered of extreme importance as collectively make up Africa’s heritage. “Alphabetic African Timeline” documents this heritage in a more sustainable, clear and understandable way, giving concrete information on what every responsible and patriotic African should know or interested non-African friends of Africa supposed to know. African countries and civic institutions need to have a set of strategies to help raise Africa.

As Digital Content Editor of “Alphabetic African Timeline”, I am extremely excited about the direction in which we have embarked onto such a strategy version, which continues to be well represented by the press, the academia, legislators (lawmakers) and others in the judiciary. Since the launch of “ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE”, there has been a great deal of encouraging news to reflect on. I remain gratified by the diversity of contributions from individuals, professionals, the academia and civic societies, within Ethiopia, from Africa and the wider world.

In the first issue of 2014 alone, we have published articles and commentaries addressing the sub-Saharan Africa policy debates on various African nation states on socio-politics,  socio-economic and social-development issues. It has also been a good year in terms of a subject which persons or individuals think about and of course we look forward to working with guest editors to publish their proposed collections of commentaries, views, opinions and analysis which cover the full spectrum of Africa.

I would take this moment once again to acknowledge elite Africans, resident diplomats, professionals, individuals and colleagues at the media for their understanding and earnest co-operation during my door-to-door approach to gather resource materials for this hyper text at the African government embassies based in Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union.

I therefore kindly request esteemed Africans and non-African readers of this mentoring website once again to look into situations in that context. I would very much appreciate it if we are able to work together, and would be happy to provide you with some inspiration as to how this can be brought or promoted to the African and international audience. As perhaps no diaspora African previously produced such a collected hyper volume ‘Alphabetic African Timeline’, can be considered as an indigenous initiative of its kind, gained through hard work, dedication, commitment, loyalty, patriotism and philanthropy, which I think could be highly useful to future generations of Africa, especially to help portraying the outer image of the African continent. Direct and to the point, it was with those questions in the back of my mind that I settled it out in November 1993 to address the general public across the African continent.

I strongly commend the editorial advisory team’s significant effort in ensuring neutrality and the correctness of contents and articles described at inside pages. I am very sympathetic to all of them once again, the origins of my endeavor lay in that, such a historic diary could be a quick-reference material providing pieces on the African socio-historic and  socio-cultural events for higher academic institutions, embassies & head diplomatic missions, governmental, UN specialized agencies, non-governmental, civic societies, business communities, and individual household families across the continent and among people from all walks of life. 

   “Don’t read success stories, you’ll only get messages. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success.”

I would therefore sincerely commend web visitors this diary as a good resource and reference material for both Africans and non-Africans friends wishing to have a general knowledge on Africa. I finally have the feeling of doing something useful and educational for the African general public. The great American intellect and pastor, Dr. Robert H. Schuller in his book entitled, “Success is Never Ending [and] Failure is Never Final”, in page 48 quoted as saying,

“e-Civic Education & Entertainment is the acquisition of knowledge. As important as it is, knowledge cannot take the place of wisdom. Recognize that formal education may or may not be a solid basis for responsible self-confidence. If academic degrees have increased knowledge but have diminished wisdom, then formal education has diminished wisdom, then formal education has become counter-productive.” In this regard, more Africans and non-African friends should be able to understand how/why to use this quick reference and resource “Country Manuals on African Nation States”, which I assembled in the last 28 years. The Africans especially in the diaspora should be able to understand and co-operate with such indigenous initiatives.

Meantime, I should like to sternly note esteemed readers that some little or idle minds are always ready to blame others and deny credit space where it’s due! The problem with closed minded people is that their mouse is always open. Here “Country Manuals on African states” which can perhaps be considered a tip of the iceberg, re-wrote on each African nation state in a reliable and understandable way. Though, at last I have to cheer up with such a local phrase “chiggre yellem,” as my countrymen usually term it in the official language “no problem”, the general public have its own choice at last.

I am now proud to be an Ethiopian producer of such collected hyper volume estimated at 18,500+ pages over the African continent. Yes, I hopefully can be part and parcel of this process in the foreseeable future, to contribute immensely to an even greater success. That would be a fantastic honor for me. 

“An investment in “Knowledge” gives back a higher return -Benjamin Franklin


Letters of Recognition, Testimonial, Appraisal, as well as positive remarks were declared by number of career African diplomats, the multi-disciplinary elite African and non-African professionals whose were the ones endorsed their public approval or support as an act of assessing the correctness of facts and figures mentioned at our Afro friendly web production shown below, 

“It’s an excellent job that Mr. Moges is trying to do.”  –Mohammed “Mo” Amin (the late) of Camerapix/Reuters TV Africa Journal, Nairobi, Kenya, victim of the 1996 hijacked Ethiopian Airlines jetliner flight number 906, that was crashed in the territorial waters of the Comoros.    

“The e-Map Africa and the Afro friendly website, Africacomplete.org projected by Mr. Mulugeta: is a highly visual and detailed venture that gives relevant information to scholars and people who are interested in general information pertaining Africa and the selected African countries. I’d therefore recommend it as a resource and reference material.”  -Ken Karangi, Digital Educationist and Basic Education curriculum expert at Text Book Center (TBC), Kenya.

“I have read Mr. Mulugeta’s draft African Almanac version, I recommend you to read it. It’s an excellent initiative, and think it’s quite in order. Moges ingeniously finds ways to serve the general public especially in terms of empowering and promoting the entirety of the African continent.”  
-The Hon. Dr. Ibrahim Dagash Ibrahim (retired Sudanese) -ex-Head of Press and Information Department of the defunct OAU, the predecessor of the African Union Interim Commission (AUIC).

“The e-Map of Africa produced by Mr. Moges Mulugeta Blatta Amharay is a useful tool in the teaching of African history, culture and geography, and will hopefully find users in schools and other teaching institutions that are concerned with Africa.”  -Anne Kristin Bang (PhD), Head of African and Middle East Centre, and Associate Professor of History, Archaeology, Cultural and Religious Studies at the University of Bergen (UiB), NORWAY.

“Since October 1992, Moges Mulugeta, an Ethiopian by nationality has through his own initiative contacted all OAU Member States and has been able to prepare a Geo-political country profiles of African States entitled, ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE (The Essential & Complete e-Guide to the African countries, people and politics). Such Afro friendly country manuals, the first of it’s kind, has been fully supported by the OAU General Secretariat as it provides useful profiles of member states in alphabetical order as also accurately written in reasonable depth, and will definitely go a long way towards publicizing the Member States and our continental organization at home and abroad. The OAU General secretariat, would, therefore, appreciate any assistance that would be extended regarding the promotion of this handy publication to Ethiopian Embassies abroad, NGO’s, Colleges, the University, Libraries, and the general public through the media i.e. etv, radio, et-al.”  -The Hon. Ambassador Ahmed Hagag (retired Egyptian diplomat), Acting Secretary-General of the ex-Organization of African Unity (OAU), the predecessor of the Africa Union Interim Commission (AUIC). 

“I express my personal admiration to this young and growing Ethiopian’s, endeavour the time and patience he paid to bring his wish into reality.”  -The Hon. Wolde-Michael Chemu (deceased), ex-Federal Minister of Information and Culture (served between 1995 and  2000), Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia /FDRE/. 

“Moges, you have dedicated many years of your life to bring knowledge about Africa to learners everywhere. Your work is commendable, and your dedication to this cause gives me inspiration.”  
–Mr. Øyvind Høynes, CEO of Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) /Digitale læremidler for videregående opplæring/  

“Mr. Mulugeta has worked tirelessly in order to complete these two projects. These twin projects are of significant value to all students and the general public who would like to learn more about African States as well as providing an important reference tool for academic institutions and students alike.”  -Signor Stefano Gardone, Director at Batteriet VestNorge, Bergen city, NORWAY. 

Moges Mulugeta: 
deguerred as “a.k.a Blatta”: is the notable and recognized founder, proprietor and chief digital content editor who’s highly engaged in professional editing of such Afro friendly media content hiring production “Alphabetic African Timeline” for civics, ethics and educational entertainment use at early, basic and higher Educational premises. 

The legend “a.k.a Blatta” oversees the whole editorial process of such Afro friendly website, the best online selling in-demand of Africa’s leading social media content hiring platform Africacomplete.org which’s also one of the most dedicated pan-African websites bringing incredible content on the latest Afro content hiring business industry trends, technology and e-Learning innovations directly to web visitors!  

Think no more need to waste your time by going to the school or college premises to learn about the entire Africa. With Africacomplete.org you can easily learn from wherever you are through Internet or mobile friendly access or stop by one of our conveniently installed Afro friendly websites. Our dedicated Afro web portal Africcomplete.org : is a multi-platform civics education, entertainment and media production, powered by its own proprietary digital culture and entertainment contents for it’s dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you: and for your continued support. We appreciate you for being part of our journey, and for your strong support. 

“Blatta”, literal meaning for “Laureate” or “Social Critic”, according to local Ge’ez term, was an aristocratic literal title awarded by the last Imperial regime of the Solomonic dynasty in Ethiopia that dethroned in September 1974. 

My few words to web visitors and admirers, but heartfelt, 

I grew up in a small town called “Gonde”, during the former Arussi province of the last Imperial regime at maternal female grandparent side whom she barely made minimum wage until I walked away for a senior secondary schooling in Assela, the provincial town in 1973. My clothes were even hand made and second hands, and often my grandma would have to trim down our daily food from the nearby Ethiopian “holy savior church” as an “Aquabit”, meaning for committed service provider to the church in order to afford our daily meal. 

I completed senior high school at my age of 18 in the famous Ras Dargie Senior Secondary School, later to be known as Assela Comprehensive High school, during the extreme violent years of 1977 to 1979, then no higher education to continue further rather than idly sit in time of the country’s severe sliding to a civil war that existed until the country’s relative stability comes in the summer of 1979, and had no job to work for the time at government offices or enterprises until I started a clerical job in a position of Tally clerk at the Red sea port of Assab in June 1980 in the former Eritrea administrative region under Ethiopian administration at the former Ethiopian Marine Transport Authority (MTA) at my 26 years of age, where as the port of Assab is virtually under existence while the northern red sea port of Massawa fell in the hands of the Eritrean secessionist rebels in February 1990, which until the voluntary separation of Ethiopia and Eritrea ended up with the Eritrean independence in de-facto in May, 1991. 

Frankly speaking, I wish I could be careful in terms of money saving and management, then I would have to be a bit comfortable. In my previous life as a UN Relief officer at the port of Assab, I wish I could say openly that I have had a sharing personality such as to the poor and disadvantaged ones. I remember I had been a high earner of money, but not a saver of money in my past working life. And that’s okay, because my aspirations are for professional satisfaction and fulfillment equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset more than having a bank account. 

As William R. Goldstone (2013) quoted as saying, your blessing is not your fat bank account, your wealth or your material possessions. Your blessing is what lies at the centre of your heart – it is humility, it is forgiveness, it is love, it’s sincerity, it is the ability to touch the heart and minds of others, to lift them from their existence of anxiety and fear, to free them of any bondage that assigns limits to their lives, to open their eyes to the true existence of our creator – to convert them and to unleash them to continue the ambassadorial or evangelical duty of peace, of love and of forgiveness. 

“I began my career at my age of early 30s as Promotion Director at Teamwork Commercial Business PLC, then at Commercial Transit Advertising shortly known as “COMAD” as Advertising coordinator. I Started serving “ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE”, an educational entertaining Afro Intro, mind empowerment, and youth mentoring civics content hiring platform in various roles from proofreading to chief digital content editor titles across online for over quarter a century. 

During this period and years later, I have grown my personal knowledge on African studies, digital media communication skills and overall experiences across all areas of the digital content hiring platform specifically based on Ethics, e-Civics education, entertainment, and knowledge based subjects. The value and fulfillment that this has brought to my professional and personal skill growth, is pretty priceless. For me, it has and continues to be toughest career challenge and a journey worth trip. I am still being drawn to our amazing Afro friendly e-Country manuals that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I’ve gained great classic experience and developed my technical and communication skills over such Afro friendly Edutain platforms that I’ve been exposed to. As Digital content Editor, keeping up myself with content hiring industry changes is key, so really, I value the e-Learning, e-Teaching, e-Content hiring processions and other related educational, civic entertainment opportunities afforded to me.”

Esteemed users of this platform, I highly appreciate your frequent visits to our Afro friendly Edutainment platform and rejoice after having served such a great number of web visitors so kindly offer us a chance and we promise not to disappoint you at least. Your further interest to be more affiliated with “ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE” is highly valued. I would therefore like you to check out our Afro friendly platform when the need arise. It’s designed for those looking for thoughtful research, education and entertainment. 

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